Album: The Sequel 2 The First (2011)

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Song: QC Rock

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The name D.R. Universal has many meanings just like this artist/executive has many styles. D.R. is an acronym that is not short for doctor. It has over 50 different combinations such as: Dark & Raw, Deeply Rooted, Distinguished Rebel and Dutch Roller just to name a few. Universal is also an acronym for Uniting Nations In Verses Explaining Religion Sex and Lies. So as you can see, this Buffalo, New York native has more depth than the average rapper. Growing up admiring artists like Tribe Called Quest, Common, N.W.A, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G. Rap, Special Ed, Big L, Run DMC, De La Soul, Boot Camp Clik, Nas, Redman, Mos Def, Wu-Tang Clan and the Lox, he developed a conscious mind to counter his street mentality.
    While living in Buffalo he joined an indie label named Genus Records and it was there he recorded songs that were featured on several local mixtapes and performed at over a dozen shows as a solo artist, with his group or even as the host. He also made appearances on many college radio stations, creating a major buzz in the upstate New York region. Since moving to Charlotte, N.C., D.R. has continued to pursue his musical interests by forming a partnership with long time friend, Kevan and creating No Question Music Group (NQMG). Being no stranger to the mic and the stage you may have seen him perform live anywhere in the Carolinas from Charlotte to Raleigh and Greensboro down to Columbia. Under the NQMG label D.R.Universal has been featured on several projects and in 2008, his debut album entitled: "Universally Yours.." was released. This hard working artist has also released three mixtapes (Bamboozled, Universal Grind, Verbal Exercise) since dropping the album in 2008, receiving thousands of plays and downloads on various mixtape websites. In late 2010 the DVD titled 'The Show: D.R.Universal Live' was released; it chronicles D.R. on his grind performing at several venues across the South, studio footage and interviews. In December 2008 he was rewarded for his efforts by winning the award for the Most Improved Artist at the 08 QC Music Awards. He has also been nominated for many other awards at the various regional award shows and has been featured on 11 blog sites spanning from NYC to Argentina. With his songs currently getting spins on over 30 internet radio stations and having his album reviewed in every major newspaper in N.C. it appears D.R. is slowly but surely making his name known.
    Some may think that being an executive means you lack the skill or ability to hold your own as an artist but D.R.Universal is quick to respond with lyrics like, 'My moms say I'm extra blessed/ chics say I'm fresh to def/ but I trust no one in the game, I even suspect the ref.' His use of metaphors and similes, along with hidden punch lines are designed to give the listener something new to hear each time you play his tracks. Nicknamed 'Da Captain' of No Question Music Group, he is definitely poised to show the world that lyricism and skill are still important traits of a true mc. Not often are you going to find a conscious artist that can make a street record with the gangsters and still keep the same skill level as a backpacker. This versatility is what allows him to be on both sides of the label and not forget his priorities. To date, this hard working artist has helped his label sell a modest 69,000 units across the southeast. So if his lyrical talent is any indication of his leadership skills, there is little doubt that NQMG will be a success.